I studied the ethnographic drawings of those who travelled to New Zealand during early contact. Goerge French Angas and his studies of ‘Maori life and traditions’ in the early 1800’s were of particular interest to me. I found all of these lithographs, water colours and engravings on the National Library website, as well as extensive historical records of this time. Colonial history and its impact on Indigenous life is intriguing to me and these items displayed as ‘factual’ accounts assuming that they are not subjective is an element I seek to address in my own art works. The idea of collections especially General Robleys ‘moko mokai’ was the initial step into researching the language of museums.


General Haratio Robley, Collection of 40 moko mokai (preserved heads) circa. 1860


Polack, Joel Samuel, 1807-1882 :Flutes of the New Zealanders. [1840]


Angas, George French 1822-1886 :Implements and domestic economy. / George French Angas lithograph. Plate 55, 1847.


Sainson, Louis Auguste de, b 1800 :Viti. Pl[ate] 90, print.


Sainson, Louis Auguste de, b. 1801 :Nouvelle Zelande. print.[1833]


Angas, George French, 1822-1886 :Whatas, or patukas. (Storehouses for food)

moa bone

Smit, P. J. :Leg of Dinornis elephantopus. Front view. Three fourths natural size. P. J. Smit delt. Drawn on stone by E. Wilson [Plate XL, 1888].


Sainson, Louis Auguste de, b 1800 :Neu Seeland. Lithograph.


Earle, Augustus 1793-1838 :Herald, or Peace-maker. London, lithograph.


Harris, George Prideaux Robert, 1775-1840 :Tippahee a New Zealand chief /engraving.


1855-1870 By: Uber Land und Meer. Engraving.


Weekly News :The orator / Staff photographer. Supplement to “The Weekly News”, special Christmas number, Monday, October 19, 1936. Photolithograph.


[Ryan, Thomas Aldworth (Darby)], 1864-1927 :The pahu or tree gong at Te Whaite. [1891?] Drawing.


Barraud, Charles Decimus 1822-1897 :Rangihaeata. 1856. Watercolour.


Miller, Benjamin John Frederick, fl 1770s :[Bludgeons used as weapons by the New Zealanders and called patoo-patoos. 1773. Engraving.


Buchanan, John, 1818-1898 :[Neck of moa]. Lithograph, 1872.


Artist unknown :Relics of Captain Cook, collected by him during the voyage of the “Endeavour” and recently acquired by the New South Wales Government. The Graphic, October 1, 1887. Engraving.


Koch, Augustus, 1834-1901 :First position with mere [Wellington, 1891] Lithograph.


Artist unknown :Hoaori. (Hauptling von Papituai). Farbendruck b. Gebr. Delius in Berlin. [1840s?] Hand coloured Lithograph.


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