James Luna

Luna is of mixed heritage, Native American and Mexican his art work recognises both his cultures and the assimilation experienced by both within White American culture.

“Luna’s work documents the strange perversion of prejudice that results when dissatisfied whites impose the prejudice of admiration upon Native Americans.” (Weintraub, Danto and McEvilley)

His piece ‘Artifact piece’ (1987) particularily resonates with my studio practice where he ‘lay prone in a large display case in a gallery devoted to American Indians…the gallery otherwise was given over to relics and dioramas honouring the revered aspects of Native American life. No part of its permenant display addressed the real problems that beset the living representatives …rather the museum placed Indian life in the same category as dinosaur skeletons and plant fossils. Luna shattered the impression that Indians are extinct by presenting himself as a breathing artefact.” (Weintraub, Danto and McEvilley)

Weintraub, Linda, Arthur C Danto, and Thomas McEvilley. Art On The Edge And Over. Litchfield, CT: Art Insights, Inc., 1996. Print.


James Luna, Artifact Piece, 1987.


James Luna,Half Indian/Half Mexican, 1991. Photographic series


James Luna, High Tech Peace Pipe No. 1, 2000



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