Crystallised objects


100x35mm Borax crystal, Kauri leaves


size: 120x30mm Borax crystal, Kauri leaves


70x10mm, Borax crystal, pigeon feather

rau©RangimarieMcDowell2015 rau2©RangimarieMcDowell2015

200x30mm, Borax crystal, Raukura (Albatross feather). Detail


1200x800mm,Borax crystal, lamb bone


120x150mm, Borax crystal, Beef Bone


150x50mm, Borax Crystal, Sycamore seeds


220x90mm, Borax Crystal, Chicken bone, Gold thread, gold leaf.


30x220mm Detail of above.

These crystals were made overnight using a solution of 1:3 borax and 2:3 water. Each are solid objects which hang from gold thread. The last image is an object that is made on a loom, submerged into the crystal solution and the crystals grow at randomn upon the thread, this is my next step in making, possibility of constructing my own looms that I will also grow crystals upon.


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