Below are the first bones I installed with crystals, they werent exactly what I invisioned but were a stepping stone to growing the crystals on to bones.

bc2©RangimarieMcDowell2015   bc3©RangimarieMcDowell2015

320x60mm                       Detail

bc6©RangimarieMcDowell2015     bc7©RangimarieMcDowell2015   bc©RangimarieMcDowell2015

70x15mm                               70x15mm                    70x15mm

Initial experiments were sugar crystals. These proved to be messy and attracted unwanted pests. The crystal structure was delicate and weak, crystals and unable to hold clear colour. Discolouration occurred.

process3©RangimarieMcDowell2015   process4©RangimarieMcDowell2015

Salt crystals diameter=95mm

Salt crystals were also experimented with but proved to be also very delicate, unable to grow on objects and the structure, whist very interesting easily breakable.


Sugar Crystals 20x50mm                                                  50x70mm

rau2©RangimarieMcDowell2015   cone©RangimarieMcDowell2015

Above = Borax Crystals

Once borax was identified as a strong crystal, able to hold structure, able to grow on almost anything, and able to withstand environmental concerns.  I also found it could grow on individual objects in a large container as long as each object were spaced so that they did not touch each other i.e in a large box image below. This realisation meant that I could make many crystals at one time. It also meant that I could experiment with the colour of the crystals grown. I chose to opt out of colouring my crystals as the natural object underneath the crystals are still able to be identified. The dyed objects had a craft like element that I didn’t like. My favourite crystals are quartz crystals which are clear and create balance and harmony which relates to the ideas I am trying to imbue within my works.

process©RangimarieMcDowell2015   process2©RangimarieMcDowell2015


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